Cute love quotes – be proud!

Nowadays it feels like if you say something really cute, you have to say it almost saracastically, like you know you are being cheesy, like being all-out cute, using a cute love quote, is just plain wrong. Well I say we need to stand up for our right to be disgustingly cute and sweet when we feel like it. Be proud to shout “I WUV YOU SCHNOOKUMS!” from the rooftops.…

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He emotionally abandons me

Q: Anna asks:

We have been married for three years and this has gone on since. I never know when or for how long, he finally told me that his ex who he was for 8 yrs had them same “complaints” as he calls my concerns, he really doesn’t have a reason to offer me. When we are emotionally connected its great but for no apparent reason he leaves emotionally. I have tried discussing this with him, writing my feelings to offer to do anything to prevent this from happening again but I get no real answer We went to …

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How To Know if You Are In A Good Relationship

Recently a client asked me how she would know if she was in a good relationship. If she was doing a good job at her work, she would get promoted. If she was doing well in school, she would get good grades. But if she was doing well in relationships, well, what would she get?

The answer to this question may seem beyond obvious – you would have love, of course, one might say. But typically, people can’t tell whether they are in a good relationship or not. Can you?…

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