Ghosting: The Latest, Cowardly, Pop-Culture Dating Trend…

Neither were dating other people, but the official “official” convo hadn’t happened yet.

Zoe and Jake spent almost every weekend together. He even let her keep some personal items at his place, and she kept his favorite post orgasm snacks, for when he was ravenous after sex, stocked in the fridge. He often needed to raid her refrigerator after a big blow and being the thoughtful gal Zoe was, she remembered his needs and acted accordingly, just to let him know just how much she cared.…

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Being Positive

Being positive is one of the most important traits for making friends and being sociable. Everyone knows that one person who is always complaining, has a negative outlook on life, and is always putting themselves down – the “Debbie Downer” or “Sad Sally”. The truth is that hanging out or being around these people is depressing and a drain. People want to spend time with uplifting people who bring out the best in those around them. This is how you can become one of those people.…

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One of the most common complains women have about men is that they just don’t PAY ATTENTION.

Seriously, have you ever had a girl ask you “Are you even listening to me????” or better yet, “You’re NOT listening to me!”

C’mon. We’ve all been there before.

Well, the ladies do have a point. It is very important to PAY ATTENTION.…

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Matchmaking Web Sites

Matchmaking on the Internet is nothing short of a phenomenon! It’s essentially a billion-dollar industry; and it was virtually nothing in 1995 to as well!

Ten years of phenomenal growth! It’s comparable to the growth of the computer industry – it’s nothing short of amazing and spectacular.…

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Romantic Gifts for a Guy

Golden rule when choosing the best romantic gifts for a guy:

Ladies, if you believe it to be cute, romantic and therefore cool, he will not.

Yes, your guy will make all the right noises, probably use the gift because you bought it for him and he loves you, but he will almost definitely NOT truly like that cute romantic gift. Guys heads are just wired differently than womens’. Let me backtrack before I get assaulted in the Comments… cute and romantic gifts are great, when given to someone who will truly appreciate them and grasp the significance. But that …

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How To Compliment A Girl

We all know that women are romantic creatures. They love to be wined and dined by their man, given flowers and chocolates and be swept off their feet. If you say the right thing in the right way, it’s a free pass to her heart.

In this video, relationship experts, give romance tips: how to compliment a girl and make her melt. Their first piece of advice is to compliment her by saying ‘I love it when you….’ and then say what she does that you love. Or you could say ‘you make me…’ and tell her how she makes …

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First Date Conversation Starters

Knowing what kind of conversation to have on a first date can be challenging. This video First Date Conversation Starters – Topics will help you determine topics you can use to get that conversation going.

Telling stories is easy but choosing the right topic during a conversation when you’re on a date can sometimes be very hard if you don’t know where to start or what to talk about.…

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